March 4-8, 2019

Happening this week!

 Musical Rehearsal: Thursday’s @8AM

March 4- Mindful Monday!

March 5- Grade 1 Community Helpers Presentation

March 6- Grade 2- Scientists in the School

March 6- Junior/Intermediate Spring Concert:

11:20AM- Daytime Performance

6:30PM- Evening Performance

March 7- Grade 2 Scientists in the School

March 7- Kindergarten Wellness Day

March 8- Wellness Day Grades 1-8

March 8- Grade 2 Scientists in the School


Looking Ahead!


March 18- First Day Back to school after March break!

Musical Rehearsal: Thursday’s @8AM

March 18- Mindful Monday!

March 21- Faith Day: Naw Ruz

A Closer Look

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Message From Our TrusteeScreen Shot 2019-03-03 at 6.49.48 PM

 I hope everyone has had a great start to the second half of the school year. Over the past few months, I have had an opportunity to connect with families, students, staff members and with our broader community. I have seen a lot of exciting opportunities for students to explore their interests, celebrate their identities, and develop skills and knowledge that will benefit them in the future.

Many students are participating in skills competitions or other events where they problem-solve, innovate, collaborate and further develop their technical skills. Students compete in robotics, construction, hairdressing, transportation, 3D animation and much more. These events are among the many options available to help students explore different careers and pathways, and gain valuable experience. We are grateful for the support of community partners in helping to provide these great learning opportunities to our students.

I also want to express my appreciation to our broader school community. One of the priorities in our Multi-Year Strategic Plan is to build collaborative relationships. The relationships that our schools have with families is so important. There are many different ways you can be involved – talking to your child’s teacher, asking your child about homework, or volunteering on a field trip or the school council. Your contributions make a difference to your child’s success and to the success of our schools.

I look forward to meeting and working together more with families, students and staff members in spring and summer. Feel free to contact or communicate with me and I wish you all a great spring and an enjoyable March Break.

Ron Lynn


Newcomer to York RegionCamp Opportunity in Partnership with York Region Police

Once again we are offering Newcomer to York Region Camp in partnership with YR Police.  This will be a Free full day camp, from July 2-5 at the Community Safety Village. If you know of any students currently in grades 5-6 that are new to York Region (not just newcomers to Canada) please encourage their families to apply.

Applications are due on March 22nd. 

Space is limited so will be on a first come first serve basis.

Please note families will have to provide transportation to and from the CSV.  The camper must not have participated in a York Regional Police Camp in the past (attending a York Regional Police Camp at the Community Safety Village is a one-time opportunity)

Also note: completing the form does not guarantee a spot.  Thank you.

New to the Region Summer Camp Application 2019

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PARENTS’ Support Group

Does your child’s anxiety, ADHD, mood disorders, learning disability, or behaviour challenges make parenting difficult?

Please see flyer for more details:

PCMH Support Group Poster

Tamil Heritage Month 2019 Research Assignment Details Grades 4 to 8Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 6.43.50 PM



SC-Tamil-Heritage-Month-2019-Grades 4 to 8 Research Assignment