November 11-15, 2019

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21st Century Mathematics

There are 2 ways to engage students in learning mathematics:

1)  Show students methods and they repeat them. This approach is used in most schools, but the methods often lack meaning, and students reasonably ask: when are we going to use this? Additionally, students only ever get to use what they were shown, not select a method themselves, one of the most important mathematical acts.

2)  Engage students in rich, open, visual and creative tasks. They use their intuition and thinking, and choose methods that can be useful in the task. When they need to learn new methods, teachers teach them inside the task. Students immediately see how important they are and learn them more deeply. They engage in the important acts of choosing and making connections between ideas.

The second approach is much more effective; however, teachers tell us that they do not have time to use open, rich tasks that students take in different directions. They see the lists of methods set out in curriculum standards and in text books and decide they only have time to show them briefly to students then move on. This is because our curriculum standards are over packed with outdated content that students will never need or use.


Conrad Wolfram Teaching Kids Real Math with Computers


This Week at the Farm:

November 11- Remembrance Day

Please join us for our Remembrance Day Assembly at 10:30 in the Gymnasium. It is a day that we show our respect and gratitude to the serving and previous members of our armed forces who have sacrificed for our country. There will be performances by our choir, band as well as from some of our classes.

November 13- Progress Report Cards go home

November 13- Family Badminton Night hosted by SC @6:30PM

November 14- Parent-Teacher Interviews PM

November 15-  PA DAY- NO SCHOOL (Parent-Teacher Interviews AM)

Looking Ahead at the Farm:

November 18- December 5- FDK Classroom Visits

November 19- School Council Meeting @6:30PM

November 20-29- Scholastic Book Fair

November 21- Community Class Field Trip

November 22- VIP Grade 6 Presentations

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Thank you to all our families, staff and students for your generosity and kindness towards contributing to our Food Drive- WE SCARE HUNGER.

The school collected a total of 2120 items to donate to the Markham Food Bank.

The Markham Food Bank is a registered non-profit charity working to alleviate food insecurity for Markham community members. With the help of volunteers and donations, the Markham Food Bank offers food supplies and other basic necessities to community members.