May 6

Dear Farmilies,

It was a great week at the Farm! Students enjoyed the sunlight and warm weather during recess. Hot lunch was a huge success. Our staff continues to work relentlessly to support our students’ academic, social and emotional needs. Please review carefully the important information items listed below in order to help us foster a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Thank you.

Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Rajan

Pokemon cards

We have been dealing with a lot of conflicts during recess with regards to students bringing in their Pokemon cards to school and trading them with their friends. These cards are not allowed in the school building. Please have a conversation with your child/ren and advice them to not bring the cards to school. The school does not take responsibility for lost or stolen cards. We thank you for your support 

Dropping off kids before school hours and pick up during lunch

We have noticed students being dropped off at school much before the morning bell. Our supervision begins at 8:55 AM. It is a safety concern if students get dropped off before this time since there is no active staff supervision. Please only drop your child/ren between 8:55 AM-9:10 AM when we have staff supervisors around the school.

Another request from the office is that you try to avoid picking up your children during recess times (10:50-11:20 and 1:00 PM-2:00 PM) when students are usually outside. You may call the school ahead of recess or lunch so that we have them ready and waiting for you in the office.


Please ensure that you send your child/ren with a mask if you’d like them to wear a mask at school. Public Health recommends that students wear 3-ply cloth masks. These are reusable masks that can be laundered at home.  The school is running short of masks and does not have enough masks to give to students.

April 29, 2022

Dear Farmilies,

It’s wonderful to see our students enjoy the warm weather this past week brought us. Last month we started Pizza Lunch. We eagerly await the restart of the much-awaited hot lunches from May 5’th. Parents of grade 3 and 6 students have been sent information about EQAO via email on Wednesday, April 27. If you have not received the letter, please contact Mrs. Khan or Mrs. Cheung in the office. 

Eid Mubarak to all families who are celebrating next week!!!

Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Rajan

Nur Muslim Mentorship 

YRDSB and the Alliance of Educators for Muslim Students (AEMS) are excited to offer our first-ever mentorship program for Muslim students.  The Nur Muslim Mentorship Program is an opportunity for Muslim students from Grade 7-12 who are underserved and underperforming to be supported through mentoring relationships with Muslim students and staff in the Board. 


While the program will support all areas of the Board, this first phase, which will take place over the course of a year, focuses on affirming students and building a sense of belonging. Participants will include: 

● Muslim-identifying students (grade 7-12) from all schools across YRDSB.  

● Muslim-identifying mentors within YRDSB (i.e. YRDSB staff). Any Muslim-identifying staff who are interested in becoming a mentor are asked to complete the Nur Muslim Mentorship Program – Mentor Application by May 11, 2022 

All staff is asked to support by reaching out to any Muslim students who may benefit from this mentorship program.  

Interested families may follow this link to enroll their child/ren who are in grades 7 through 12 by clicking on this link: Nur Muslim Mentorship Program- Mentee Application  

Parent Engagement Advisory Committee (PEAC)

On behalf of the PEAC Regional Symposium Planning Team, we would like to invite you to register for the PEAC Regional Symposium. The Symposium is virtual and is being held on May 4th from 7pm to 9pm. We have Dr. Alex Russell as our keynote speaker and the option to select from one of the 21 workshops. The Symposium has been designed by our PEAC planning team with a focus on parent voice. Please visit our webpage linked below for more information and to register. The Symposium is being held during Children’s Mental Health Week and our keynote and many of the workshops support this focus.


April 22, 2022

Dear Farmilies,  

A big shoutout to our Beckett farm staff for their unwavering support of our learners. Our esteemed staff endeavour to put a smile of every student’s face as they juggle through the many demands placed on them. Please join us in showing our appreciation to such a committed team.

Thank you to all families who are choosing to walk their children to school each day. Kiss and ride is much safer due to fewer vehicles.

To all those who are celebrating, Happy Easter and Chag Pesach Sameach (Happy Passover)!!!

Ms. Miller and Ms. Rajan

Hot Lunches

BFPS School Council is excited to offer a Thursday Hot Lunch Program provided by Kome Shokudo. The school lunch program runs every Thursday from May 5 to June 23 for a total of 7 weeks (excluding June 2nd which is a PA Day). Please see School Cash Online ( to place your order by April 28, 2022.

Mental Health Newsletter

Every year in Ontario, the first week in May is acknowledged as Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week; this year it will fall on May 2-6, 2022. In recognition of this important week, at YRDSB, we are planning a variety of classroom daily activities, increasing awareness through our social media platforms as well as working with our community partners to build awareness about children and youth mental wellness through webinars and workshops. Follow this link to get more information about mental support for students and their families:

Dear Farmilies,

Another glorious week at the Farm!!!

Thank you for your ongoing support.  We are really happy to see many families choosing to walk their children to school. This has helped us manage the vehicle traffic during drop-off and pick-up times while ensuring student safety.

Ms. Miller and Ms. Rajan

Information Items:

Summer Institute

York Region District School Board’s Summer Institute offers academic, recreational and athletic programs and activities with intentional links to the Ontario Curriculum for students entering Senior Kindergarten to Grade 8.  

Please follow the link if you are interested in registering your child/ren: Summer Institute | York Region District School Board

Summer School

The York Region District School Board offers a Grade 6, 7 & 8 Summer School program. This 15-day literacy and numeracy program is designed to reinforce the curriculum and is not an acceleration opportunity. Students must register in the program for their current school grade. For example, a grade 7 student would register for the grade 7 program as it reinforces grade 7 content. 

Additional resources are being added to this program to support student success in de-streamed Grade 9 programs. This program will be offered both in-person and through remote learning. Students must select their preferred learning model at the time of registration.

Follow this link to register your child/ren in grades 6 through 8: Elementary Summer School

2022 Grade 8 Reach Ahead

The York Region District School Board will once again be offering Grade 8 Reach Ahead programs where students can earn high school credit!

These 18-day acceleration courses start July 6 and end July 29.

Students are required to attend online from 8:45 a.m. to 3:33 p.m., with two 15 minute scheduled breaks and a 40 minute lunch period.

Register early to avoid disappointment. Decisions to run courses are based on sufficient enrolment and teacher availability. Use this link to register your child/ren:  2022 Grade 8 Reach Ahead | York Region District School Board

March 25

Dear Farmilies!

We had a great week @ the Farm! Our students were able to enjoy outdoor recess owing to some good weather days. Our staff continues to work relentlessly to engage our students in a variety of ways and also ensure their safety and well-being at school. We had a wonderful response to the pizza lunch programme. 

As the weather is getting warmer, we notice more families choosing to walk their child/ren to school. We are very happy to note this change. This practice is beneficial at many levels and also helps in managing the traffic flow during the drop-off and pick-up times.

We are excited to initiate the Walking School Bus programme as per request from the many members of our community.

Please complete this form to indicate your interest in this programme: Walking School Bus

Thank you for your ongoing support!

School Devices (Chromebook)

We welcome back all our students who switched to in-person learning. If you had previously borrowed a school device (chromebook) for your child/ren and they are now in face-face learning, please return the device to school as soon as possible.

We thank you very much for your support.

Ms. Signer

Triple P Parenting Seminar

To learn more about, Nurturing Healthy Self-Esteem please visit Triple P

March 11

Dear Farmilies,

We thank you for your ongoing support and flexibility as we navigated through many quick changes due to the Covid 19 Public Health protocols. Please take the time during this break to rest and rejuvenate with your family. 

Walking School Bus:

Walking School Bus

We are happy to share with you that we are currently in the process of starting the walking school bus programme. The programme will begin sometime in Spring after we have finalized all the logistical details. We invite families who are interested to support this initiative by volunteering to walk students in your immediate neighbourhood. Interest form will be sent after March Break! video

Please check out the resources provided below to access support for students and families

Drop in session (Mandarin) : Help your child in a positive way

Parent Engagement workshop (Cantonese): Parent engagement 

Parent Engagement workshop (Mandarin): Parent Engagement

AEBS: Affirming Black identities: A Focus on Mental Health in the Black Community

A Recipe for an AWESOME March Break 

We all know that our bodies and souls cannot operate in work mode 100% of the time. We need time to refresh, renew and rejuvenate. 

Over the next week:

1. Sleep a lot

2. Eat and 

3. Drink a lot of water 

4. Laugh a lot 

5. Love a lot 

6. Breathe a lot 

7. Exercise a lot 

8. Expand the mind by reading something fun 

9. Don’t sweat the small stuff 

10. Appreciate those around you who impact your life in positive ways 


Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions. ~ Dalai Lama

Dear farmilies,

It was a great week @ The Farm! Our students continue to learn and thrive under the careful watch of our amazing staff. The safety of our students is paramount and we thank you for your support during drop-off and pick-up times. Stay tuned for more information to follow regarding, Walking School Bus. We hope to proceed with this project as we get further guidance from our board.

Parking Lot

When entering our parking lot, please keep the following in mind:

·       As parents/guardians, please use this space as a DRIVE THRU – please do not park in our lot from 8:40-9:20 and from 2:45-3:45.  As our school continues to grow, our parking spaces need to be reserved for staff

·       ENTRY – please have your children exit your vehicle as quickly as possible so that traffic continues to move, do not leave your car unattended


o   If you need to leave your vehicle and your children are in Grades 1-8, please do not leave your car unattended in our lot and instead park on the street

o   If your children are in Kindergarten, you can pull up in the hatched marked area, to load your child – do not leave your car unattended

o   Please remain in a single file line until the widening of the driveway – never park or leave your car unattended at either of the “corners” of the parking lot

o Please avoid using the side loop to wait for your children or drive through

· We need you to remain patient, be kind to each other and our staff – we are all working together to make sure everyone is safe

PIZZA LUNCHES at Beckett Farm

Pizza days are back for our face-to-face students! Please go to School Cash Online for details and to place your order. Orders are due on School Cash Online by Monday, March 7, 2022.

If you do not have a School Cash Online account, please register at . You will need your child’s student number. Please contact the main office if you need support.

披萨午餐在 Beckett Farm

对於我们在校的学生,披萨日又回来了!请到 School Cash Online 了解详细信息并下订单。订单截止日期為 2022 年 3 月 7 日星期一。

如果您没有 School Cash Online 帐户,请在以下网址注册 您将需要您孩子的学生号碼注册。如果您需要協助,请联系辦公室。







February 25

Dear Farmilies,

It was a great week at Beckett Farm in spite of the challenging weather conditions. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through snow and icy conditions. We hope next week is better weather-wise! 

Please note that parents will be able to access their child/children’s report cards early next week. These reports will be distributed using the same process used for the Progress Reports via student Board Google GAPPS accounts

Triple P parenting workshop: Raising responsible Teens

Anyone interested in learning how to support teenage children please enroll in the free workshops offered through Triple P Parenting:

March Break: Taking the time to pause

We can all agree that we have charted some rough territories in the past couple of years. Mental Health Ontario has put together some resources to support our students and families. Please check this link to access the resources:

PIZZA LUNCHES at Beckett Farm

Pizza days are back for our face-to-face students! Please go to School Cash Online for details and to place your order. Orders are due on School Cash Online by Monday, March 7, 2022.

If you do not have a School Cash Online account, please register at

You will need your child’s student number. Please contact the main office if you need support.

披萨午餐在 Beckett Farm

对於我们在校的学生,披萨日又回来了!请到 School Cash Online 了解详细信息并下订单。订单截止日期為 2022 年 3 月 7 日星期一。

如果您没有 School Cash Online 帐户,请在以下网址注册 您将需要您孩子的学生号碼注册。如果您需要協助,请联系辦公室。







February 18

Dear Farmilies

Thank you for your partnership and understanding this week during our Inclement Weather.  We truly are blessed to know that our community values everyone’s safety, particularly this morning when our sidewalks were hard to navigate.

Please check your email for a letter regarding your child’s report cards and specific downloading information.  They will be delivered to each child’s GAPPS email between February 23 and 25th.

Please have a wonderful Family Day weekend, we will see you on Tuesday, February 22nd.

Term 2 Report card information

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. York Region District School Board believes in the importance of a rich and meaningful instructional program guided by assessment and evaluation practices that promote student engagement and inform the improvement of student learning. 

Report cards are part of our ongoing communication to support student achievement and well-being. We hope that the Term 1 report card will provide valuable feedback for your child while supporting conversations about learning at home. Your child’s report card will be distributed between February 23 to February 25, 2022. These reports will be distributed using the same process used for the Progress Reports via student Board Google GAPPS accounts.

The Elementary Report Card, for both face-to-face and remote learning, provides families with information about their child’s general progress in working toward the achievement of curriculum expectations in all subject areas. For all Report Cards, our board will include this statement: This reporting period reflects learning that has occurred in a modified learning environment as required by provincial and local public health guidelines. Ongoing communication with your child’s educator will provide additional information pertaining to progress throughout the term.

Thank you for supporting your child through the shift to remote learning and the subsequent return to in-person learning. We recognize that some students, staff and families may have concerns about student learning and achievement. Teachers continue to review all data and use their professional judgment to gather evidence of student learning to inform assessment and evaluation. Staff will continue to support and prioritize conversations with families and students and will take into account the effects of learning model changes on student learning.

Assessment is mandated by the provincial Ministry of Education. YRDSB has implemented several supports allowed by the Ministry to provide greater flexibility and opportunity for students, including:

·   provide students with equitable opportunities to demonstrate understanding in an in-person (face-to-face) and remote (online) setting

·   provide increased support for student well-being and mental health

·   provide increased opportunities for student success, and 

·   maintain fair, valid and accurate evaluation of student achievement

 Families are encouraged to connect with their child’s teacher directly to ensure open and ongoing communication. 

 York Region Public Health Vaccination Webinar

On February 22, 2022, York Region Public Health will host an information session on children’s COVID19 vaccines. Please see the York Region Public Health flyer for more information.


Screening Tool

Updates have been made to the COVID-19 school and child care screening tool

On the recommendation of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, updates have been made to align with current guidance and to provide clarity on isolation requirements for confirmed and presumed positive cases, and their household members and close contacts.

Please continue to complete the COVID-19 screening form (elementary) daily before your child attends school.

Thank you again for helping keep our schools safe and open to in-person learning by screening your child/ren and encouraging them to follow the COVID-19 protocols. As always, student mental health supports are available regardless of the learning model. Please reach out to your school principal for assistance and mental health resources. We remain committed to supporting students and families as we continue to navigate the effects of the pandemic on student learning.

Parent workshop

Please join this zoom workshop to learn about different social media and how you can support your children who use them.

Sex trafficking

York Region District School Board in a collaborative partnership with Women’s Support Network is hosting a virtual information session about sex trafficking and sexual exploitation

February 11

Dear Beckett Farm Families,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you as the incoming Principal of Beckett Farm Public School.  It is an honour to become a part of the community and I can already tell that Beckett Farm PS is a unique and special place that I am excited to become a part of. 

I come to you with 22 years of experience as an educator (12 years as an Administrator).  Most recently I have served as the Principal of Parkland Public School in Markham

I have been working closely with Ms. Smith, Ms. Rajan and Ms. Salvarinas to ensure a smooth transition.  I will get to know our building, our community, and familiarize myself with the unique needs of our school.  I believe that all children deserve a quality education and this is achieved when the school and families work together as partners.

I look forward to meeting all of you over the next few weeks.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or ideas you would like to share.

Yours in partnership

Pamela Miller

Spirit wear

If you are interested in ordering spirit wear for your children, please click on this link:

All orders are due by February 25. We thank our teachers, Ms. Macintosh, Ms. Prasoulis, Ms. Pamenter and Ms. Sousa for their leadership in organizing this monumental project! 

YRDSB Transition, Course Selection, and Pathway information session

Hello YRDSB East Asian parents/guardians!  Do you have a child in grade 8 entering grade 9 in September? Have you attended the YRDSB Transition, Course Selection, and Pathway information session and still have questions?  SEAS is hosting a virtual ‘fireside’ chat to support you and your child on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at 6:30 pm, facilitated by Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Cantonese speaking educators.  SEAS stands for Supporting East Asian Students. The mission of our educator network is to promote equitable and inclusive access to education for students of East Asian heritage by engaging students, families, teachers, and community groups. Please register at and a Zoom link will be emailed to you before the event.  For more information about the event or SEAS, please email us at Hope to see you there! 


大家好!你有準備在9月入讀9年級的孩子嗎?您是否參加了約克區教育局的的過渡、高中選課及規劃前路講座,但仍有疑問?SEAS教育工作者網絡將在2022年2月15日星期二晚上6:30舉辦一個網上座談會,介時您和您的孩子可以使用普通話,越南語,或廣東話與東亞裔的教師討論這些問題。SEAS代表 Supporting East Asian Students。SEAS教育工作者網絡由一班約克區的教育工作者組成, 目標是促進東亞裔學生們獲得更公平和包容的教育。請在 網址報名,Zoom鏈接會在活動開始前通過電子郵件發給您。詳情請參閱SEAS的宣傳短片。如果你對我們的座談會或SEAS教育工作者網絡有任何疑問,歡迎您發電郵找我們查詢。我們的郵箱是。希望能在網上座談會見到你!


大家好!你有准备在9月入读9年级的孩子吗?您是否参加了约克区教育局的的过渡、高中选课及规划前路讲座,但仍有疑问?SEAS教育工作者网络将在2022年2月15日星期二晚上6:30举办一个网上座谈会,介时您和您的孩子可以使用普通话,越南语,或广东话与东亚裔的教师讨论这些问题。SEAS代表 Supporting East Asian Students。SEAS教育工作者網絡由一組约克区的教育工作者组成,目标是促进东亚裔學生们获得更公平和包容的教育。请在 网址报名,Zoom链接会在活动开始前通过电子邮件发给您。详情请参阅SEAS的宣传短片 。如果你对我们的座谈会或SEAS教育工作者网络有任何疑问,欢迎您发电邮找我们查询。我们的邮箱是。希望能在网上座谈会见到你!

廣東話宣傳短片Cantonese promo video:

普通话宣传短片Mandarin promo video:

越南語宣傳短片Vietnamese promo video:







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